TGN Property Management serves ALL of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties. We will consider ALL types of building, ANY size building and ANY location.

At TGN Property Management we give you peace of mind knowing your property is being taken care of by consistently monitoring your asset, having an open line of communication and periodically taking pictures of your property and sharing them with you.

 Downtown Los AngelesWe find quality tenants that pay rent on time and treat your property as their own. Our eviction rate is the lowest out of all property management companies in the areas we cover. As such, we don’t make a single dollar on maintenance, but that doesn’t bother us because we control the cost of our vendors because of their frequent employment on our house flips and construction projects.

California is the friendliest state for tenants and we want to make sure you stay within tenant laws. Stay protected from litigious tenants by letting us and our in house attorney keep you current on changing tenant regulations. That’s why TGN keeps current and accurate accounting records of everything that goes on within the property. Through our property management software you are able to access all this information at the click of a button. At the end of the year easily print an income statement, hand it to your accountant and the tracking is complete. Our professional services cost 7% of the gross rents. We are a full service property management company.


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