Improve your curb appeal

All of my property management clients are asking how they can boost their curb appeal.  There is all sorts of fun and interesting things you can do to your lawn.  I like the blog post below, but since we are in California and we are always in a constant drought (it seems) I will talk about things you can do to boost curb appeal especially in southern California.

Here is a great read:

  1.  Succulents
    1. These are great to use.  They require no water, they look great, they’re fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain.
  2. Drought resistant laws
    1. Go with the wood chips or rocks in your front yard versus grass.  Did you know you can get a free drought resistant lawn installed?  The companies do it for FREE.  They get paid from the rebates.  I did it to my lawn!
  3.  Plant up
    1. Go vertical.  Try plant fences instead of regular fences.  Expensive to maintain, but they look amazing!
Picture of succulents that would really boost your curb appeal.


My personally recommendations are to go with drought resistant.  It’s easy to maintain and you don’t have to pay for a landscaper.  If you end up renting out your personal home like I do, you don’t have to pay for landscaping.  Yeah, it’s a small monthly bill, but when you add up all your other monthly bills it can get costly!

Posted by: emoss on June 11, 2015
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