End the time wasters.

I don’t like flakes.  They are time wasters.  Time is money, so they are also money wasters.  I manage a lot of properties so I literally don’t have the time or energy for flaky people.  When it comes to showing vacant units I MUST ensure before going to show a property that the tenant doesn’t flake out and not show up!

Some tips to avoid flakes:

1.  When a prospective tenant calls about a unit, tell them to drive by first and to call you when they are outside of the property.  If you get the sense that they are lying to you when they say they are outside of the property, say something along the lines of  “can you take a picture of the front of the house from your car?  My neighbor told me someone put graffiti on the garage door…”

By having a tenant drive by FIRST before going by to show the property, this will weed out some of the flakes

2.  Of course, pre-qualify people over the phone before telling them to drive by or even fill out an application.  (That should have been number one!)  Make sure they are ok with your requirements and that they are familiar with the area.

3.  If you really dont have the time to go show a unit what you can do is install a lockbox.  After you speak to a prospect over the phone and your intuition tells you they are decent people, tell them to send you a picture of their ID along side another form of identification verification like a bill or credit card.  Once you receive this, have them take a “selfie” out front of your house proving that its actually them.  At this time, it would be safe to release the lockbox code.

4.  Schedule a time to show the property with the prospect and then tell them to call you 30 – 40 minutes BEFORE your appointment to show the property.  Tell them you will not leave your office until you receive a call from them.  Its much harder for people to flake on you when they have just spoke to you and given you their word via phone.  Do not text.  Its easier for someone to flake via text.


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Posted by: emoss on June 29, 2015
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