Relationships are tough, especially with tenants!

Starting with an open line of communication is something everyone appreciates.  If your tenants don’t feel like they can call you, they won’t ever feel comfortable with you and that will make it harder for a landlord to know what their true needs are!  When tenants call, be friendly, this helps out you AND the tenants!

A picture of two tenants kissing and a comment on the picture about relationships.  Super cheesy.

Who makes these stupid things?

Here are some points to understanding your residents:

– Renters are people too.  You can’t use a one size fits all approach.  Take the time to understand and get to know each resident.  Even if it seems like some people don’t care, they probably actually do.  Some people are just plain jerks.

– Needs change as the weather changes in the midwest!  Summer time, maybe residents want to see the pool cleaned or during the fall they want to see some maintenance, etc.

– Ask your renters to give you honest feed back and constructive criticism.  You better be able to take it!  They will LOVE this!  How many landlords ask for constructive criticism??   This will help you gauge the satisfaction level of each tenant.

Meeting the needs of your residents is as easy as holding a barbecue or an ice cream social.  Everyone can come and you can spend time speaking with you tenants.  This will also create a sense of community!  Once you get to know everyone you can send your tenants simple gifts that will cater to their unique needs!

With these tips in mind, you will be able to foster better relationships with your residents. Remember, understanding your residents starts by recognizing that they are unique individuals, recognize outside environmental factors, and is an on-going process that is vital to successfully managing properties.

Tips on keeping your residents happy:


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