Want a higher ROI?

Have you ever considered turning your house in a vacation rental because you wanted a higher ROI?  Sites like Air BnB and VRBO are on the rise and lots of people would rather rent out their house a few times a month instead of dealing with tenants.  You also get a higher return on investment this way!

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Though more hands on work + money investment is required for vacation rentals (cleaning your house after each guest + laundry for towels, bed sheets, etc.)  your ROI is usually much higher than with a traditional tenant.  On top of that, you don’t have to deal with the ridiculous California tenant/landlord laws and don’t have to adhere to a rental month to month agreement or year long lease.

Example:  my friend Morgan has an AMAZING house that is nicely decorated and fully furnished.  She made almost $3000 this month on ONE SINGLE GUEST staying at her house for 7 days.  ONE GUEST!  She’s already had two other guests this month, so do the math.  If she was to find a traditional tenant, she could maybe get $3500 max per month to rent her house.  But if she finds a traditional tenant she has to remove all of her items and completely leave the premises.  Morgan can easily choose to not rent to anyone else for the rest of the month if she pleases.   Pretty awesome huh?

Call us at 310 623 2704 today for more information about making your home a vacation rental.  We handle all aspects of vacation rentals if you don’t think you can do it on your own!  We come in and look at comps with you, take pictures a video, put everything on the websites and then manage the websites.  We address inquiries as they come in.  Once guests leave we then facilitate a cleaning team to handle cleaning the premises as well as sheets and towels.  We recommend keeping the rentals basic and not providing anything aside from clean towels and bedsheets!

Call today!  310 623 2704.

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