A lot of real estate investors and professionals think that once tenants have control over a rental property in California, landlords are helpless to do anything at the property.

This is untrue.  Yes, California gives tenants the upper hand when it comes to tenant landlord rules and regulations, but landlords do have recourse!

A picture of a hand and it says:  gaining the upper hand on tenants.

It’s commonly thought that if a tenant doesn’t want you in the property during the lease, they dont have to let you in.  INCORRECT.

All tenants must allow access given 24 hour notice.

If they don’t comply, serve a second 24 hour notice.  If they still don’t comply, serve a third 24 hour notice with a notice to cure covenant or quit.  If they still don’t comply, you are free to being unlawful detainer proceedings.

Make sure each notice is POSTED on the door and also sent via USPS with delivery confirmation.  This costs $5.75 here in California.  It is NOT the delivery method in which the tenants must sign for the letter. Delivery confirmation is the delivery method in which the USPS gives you tracking number and you are able to track online if the letter was delivered.  Track it online, once it shows the letter is delivered, print that out and save it!  Save the receipt the USPS gives you as well.

Why save these and print this stuff out?!  If you end up in court, the first things tenants say is “WE DIDNT GET IT!!”  If you have this information with you, they will not be able to lie in court!

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Want to read some more?  Here’s some legal mumbo-jumbo on tenants giving access:



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