Thought about putting your house up for AirBNB rental?  Sounds complicated and overwhelming?  Don’t like the idea of someone living in your house?  Well maybe this will make you reconsider:

My client from Sweeden just bought a condo in San Pedro on the border of Rancho Palos Verdes.  I just secured her a booking for 45 days at a rate of $8,345 for the time the guests will be there.  The guests are from Egypt and looking forward to the stay.  Change your mind yet?  I forgot to mention that since my client is Sweedish, she does not have any tax information for the IRS yet.  AirBNB deducts 28% for tax purposes (since we aren’t able to provide a SSN) and I deduct a flat 10%.  Even after a 38% deduction from the rents she STILL makes more than a regular rental and doesn’t have to deal with the ridiculous California tenant landlord laws.

My Sweedish client doesn’t even live here.  All she did was give me a key and told me to get started, literally.  Change your mind YET?

We handle all aspects of managing vacation rentals.  First we get the key and then take pictures and video.  After that we upload the photos to AirBNB and post the video on Youtube.  The Youtube link is pasted into the AirBNB listing so guests can watch a virtual tour.  We manage all aspects of the website.  We check guests in and out and facilitate cleaning crews after each guests.  We handle all the money and deposit funds into your account.  We keep accurate accounting and maintenance records if need be.

I hate to say this, but the majority of guests ARE NOT from the United States and don’t have that bad attitude, entitlement, instant gratitude state of mind that a lot of Americans have.  That equates to people with much better attitudes and people who (so far in my experience) take care of your property as their own.  I have yet to have a bad experience.  To be honest, my experience with multiple guests per month at my AirBNB rentals is far easier than renting to a regular tenant born and raised in the United States.   Don’t get me wrong, I have some GREAT tenants from the United States, but good amount of them have bad attitudes and an entitlement state of mind.

Please call Shane at 310 623 2704 for more information!  Here is a link to one of my current listings on AirBNB:  AirBNB Listing

Posted by: emoss on December 2, 2015
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