As all of my blog readers know by now, I am a huge fan of AirBNB vacation rentals.  AirBNB's logo.

You get a higher return on investment than a regular tenancy ROI.,  you don’t have to deal with ABSURD California tenant landlord laws California Sucks!, most guests rarely complain about problems at the property and you typically don’t have to deal with the bad attitude, sense of entitlement a lot of tenants posses.

People say I have a bad attitude, I saw screw 'em!

Though AirBNB is a high turn over rate, its worth the added work!  Plus, you meet a lot of cool people from different countries!

Just because you’ve decided to AirBNB your house out doesn’t mean you’ll get a lot of bookings.  You need to be a super host!  Yes, AirBNB has a category called super hosts, lol.  I think it’s cool!  Tips on becoming a super host:

  1.  Be available at all times for guest inquiries.  Respond to questions about possible bookings quickly and also respond to maintenance requests even quicker!
    1. Example:  I had a guest text me saying there was no hot water!  I had 4 guests in one 2 bed 2 bath condo and no one could take their morning shower! AHH!  I responded immediately, got my plumber to call them directly and made sure they were taken care of.  I offered to buy them pizza and a bottle of whiskey.  Bad reviews will kill your super host status!
  2. Build your good reviews.  Respond as quickly as humanly possible to bad reviews.
    1. Ask each guest to write a review for you.  If they don’t want to, offer $10.  It’s worth it trust me.  When you become a super host, guests searching for a place to stay in your area will see your listings FIRST before anyone else’s.
  3. Ask for constructive criticism from the guests about how to make your rental better!
  4. Don’t be an ignorant jerk!  Constructive criticism is a GOOD thing.  Even if a guest complains and starts to upset you, don’t take it personal.  Be an adult, hold your tongue and use their criticism to make your rental 10x better!
  5. Remember:  though guests are staying in YOUR house, it’s no longer YOUR precious little home filled with memories.  It becomes a business, treat it like so!

If you ever need help or advice on AirBNB rentals, reach out to Shane at 310 623 2704 or

TGN Property Management manages ALL residential type properties, most commercial and thats it.  Just kidding, and… AIR BNB VACATION RENTALS!

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