Happy new year!  We hope your holiday season was blessed!  Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

New Year fireworks.

With a new year comes new rules!  Don’t forget to ask your attorney about new updates to the California tenant landlord laws!  Remember:  one, tiny little error in an unlawful detainer case and the judge can throw it out.  Then, you’ll have to start all over.  Check out my other blog posts for tenant landlord updates!  Here’s a good article:


In this blog post above I talk about the only tenant landlord law that has changed for 2016.  Of course, the law is silly.  We are in California!  =)

New year landlord tenant laws.

I spoke to some Air BNB employees and was told there will be new legislation implemented for house sharing in 2016.  They say its a very GOOD thing.  We’ll see about that.  In my experience, less gov’t control is better!

Gov't Mule album cover in the new year.

If you have any questions about the changing tenant landlord laws, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at TGN Property Management.  Call 310 623 2704.  Every new year, we take a course on changing rules and regulations from our attorney’s.  It helps us stay on top of dealing with entitlement mentalities and victim mindsets of so many tenants!

It's a new year and contrary to belief, nobody owes you anything.

Have a safe and happy 2016!  Call TGN Property Management today for all your property management needs!  We manage single family residences, 1 – 4 units, 5 – 150+ units, entire HOA communities, commercial buildings and AirBNB vacation rentals.  Call: 310 623 2704.

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