There is nothing worse than having problem tenants.

Problem tenants are always the victim and feel entitled to everything.  Here in our wonderful state of California, the courts reward this kind of behavior!  What a wonderful state this really is.  California is paradise on earth (in my opinion) RUINED by stupid people (feel free to contact me if you would like an in depth summary of what stupid means).  Sorry, I get all upset when I really think about how beautiful a place California is and how messed up it has become!  Gov’t is not the answer.

It just doesn’t make sense to me.  Most bureaucrats are well-to-do and own quite a few rental properties themselves.  Most judges I deal with in the circus act we call unlawful detainer court also own properties.  It doesn’t make sense how the affluent who make the major decisions in this state side with tenants and reward their victim and entitlement mentalities.

Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento.

Anyways, I digress (as usual).  Let me give you a few tips to dealing with awful tenants.

  1.  Don’t punch them in the face.  That’s a bad idea.  The real first step is to not set yourself up for failure.  That means, start with a thorough screening process.  I use Appfolio property manager.  This is by far the best and most comprehensive screening tool.
    Guy getting punched in the face.
  2. Make solid rules and stick to them.  I’m not saying you can’t compromise with tenants, but be careful.  In an effort to make tenants happy and have them realize I am on their side, if something pops up and they need to pay rent a few days late, under certain circumstances I will allow it.  The goal is to NEVER let a tenant take advantage of you.  Once they know you are a push over, oh boy, you’re in for a headache.
    A photo that says "stay calm and stick to the rules."
  3. Make a complied list of rules and policies.  Make sure the tenants sign and read them.  This will set the bar as to how tenants are to act while renting out your property.  I even make a joke of the rules and policies by making the tenants read them after me.  I don’t do the whole thing, of course, but I emphasis how important those rules and policies are.Depeche mode album cover.


Bigger pockets blog usually has some silly blog posts that aren’t helpful at all, but I enjoyed this article:

By following these three basic steps (unless you’re a dummy and don’t know how to compromise or get along with people) you should not have to deal with problem tenants!

That last picture is the back of a Depeche Mode cover.  One of their best albums ever.  Whoops, this is a property management & real estate blog.

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