Keep crime out and catch the bad people!

The most difficult issues a property manager can have is the occurrence of bad people and crime in one of the properties they manage.  While you obviously can’t stop any and every crime as a property manager (thats what the police are for!), good screening techniques will help ensure that people with a criminal background are not allowed to live in your property!

It's a stick figure holding a gun at another stick figure with his hands in the air. The guy with the gun is obviously a part of the bad people crowd!

This is what bad guys do!

Research.  There’s always “research” that’s been done:

Research conduct by UCLA found that 43% of property owners run sex offender checks and only 50% run criminal checks.

Of course everyone runs credit check, but criminal and sex offender checks should be included! If you don’t have the proper background checks it not only puts current tenants in a dangerous spot but the entire surrounding community as well!

Tips and tricks:

Our responsibility as property managers are to ensure all of our properties managed are safe for everyone!  For the DIY landlords, want to start doing the proper background checks?  Read this:

  1. Set down guidelines for background checks.  Make them a normal process along with the employment and credit checks (etc., etc.).  For property managers, make sure your employees are trained properly and that these background checks are mandatory for EVERYONE.
  2. These checks should (obviously) NEVER be based on race, religion, sex, etc.  That will break Fair Housing laws which opens you up to litigation and might drive away an actual good tenant!
  3. Include in your vacancy marketing that anyone applying will be subject to a criminal and sex offender background check.  This will make those bad guys sweat just reading the ad!  Most likely they won’t even apply.

Since you’re not the police and don’t have any guns (or maybe you do have guns and maybe you are an officer? LOL) and will never be able to stop or control all criminal activity, making sure you take the right steps to screening prospective tenants will keep your property and surrounding community safe!

Defense against terrorism and bad people, two soldiers at an airport

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