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Saturday I posted an article talking about the most dangerous cities in southern California.  See below:


I want to talk more specifically about the most dangerous cities near Los Angeles in this blog post.  The general consensus to this (from people commenting on Facebook) is this article is incorrect.  ALL of the people commenting on Facebook are Los Angeles locals, too!  We’ve all been to these areas and know someone who lives there.

Of course, one guy chimes in on the comment section on Facebook stating “these are statistics based on facts.”  Where do these statistics come from?  Who creates them?  When did they do these “fact based” statistics?

There’s always “experts” talking about topics on the news and using”accurate statistics.”  Come on!  I feel like anyone and everyone can be an “expert” and statistics can be as accurate as polling 10 kids on why they think Obama is responsible for gas prices getting lower.  I don’t buy it!

This is a name tag that says: "Hello, I am... AN EXPERT." I am an expert on the top 8 most dangerous cities in southern California!

Expert is a loosely used term now-a-days!

I digress, as usual.  The top 4 were:

4.  Huntington Park

3.  Inglewood

2.  Compton

1.  San Bernardino

I know Huntington Park fairly well.  I manage a commercial property and some SFR’s in that area.  All my tenants love it.  Rarely do I have problems and NEVER have I had any reports of violence.  Huntington Park is close to South Gate and anyone who knows anything about Los Angeles knows that the residents of South Gate LOVE the place.  Every McMansion in South Gate is always well groomed, but even the run down meth shacks have pride of ownership!  The South Gate crew definitely influences Huntington Park quite a bit.

Inglewood!  Are you serious?  I have flipped houses in Inglewood.  I have managed properties (and still do) in Inglewood.  I have friends who own property and live in Inglewood.  Inglewood is a nice area!  I’ve spent a lot of time there and all I can say is this is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  Lennox is a bad area of Inglewood, but it’s so small it doesn’t affect Inglewood at all.  Please shoot me an email at shaneedele@gmail.com if I am out of line!

Compton, I agree with.  Enough said.

San Bernardino, I suppose.  Maybe?  Well, I don’t know.  I manage a property out in San Berdoo and I know several people who live there.  No bad reports thus far.

What about South LA and BH?  No, not Beverly Hills…

What bothers me most about this article is they fail to include south LA (90061 to be precise), Watts and Boyle Heights.  I can give you several personal experiences dealing in these areas.  I have several friends who own properties in South LA and have stories for days about the crazy calls they get!  The LA Times had an article titled something along the lines of:  “LAPD: we’re being out gunned in south LA.”  South LA is hands down one of the worst areas I’ve been to.  The shadyness that goes on in this area is enough shade to cover the entire world.  On a separate note, if you want to ensure you never allow shady people to move into your rental property, check out my previous blog post on:  Catching the creeps before they lease your home!  (you can click the link!)

This is a picture of two guys and one guy is saying to the other "I have been in forests less shady than you!" They are definitely standing in one of the most dangerous cities in southern California!

Shady people don’t create a sunny life!

My friend is an LAPD officer and was explaining to me that although south LA is sketchy, its mostly gangsters battling over turf.  He went on to say that the knuckle heads in Boyle Heights are gangsters as well but are still shooting your grandma, your kids and  your baby because that’s how cool they are.  The idiot gangsters in Boyle Heights will shoot anyone for the fun of it (it seems)!

This is a picture of a granny holding a silenced hand gun in one of the most dangerous cities in southern California.

Granny don’t play that!  She’s packing heat and ready for those punks in Boyle Heights!

Please drop me a line if I’m out of line, alright?  I’m basing this information off of my personal experience spending A LOT of time in these areas.  What do you think?

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