4 Tips For Your Next Open House

Though I am not a hardcore realtor, my friend Aaron did a presentation to a group of realtors about what an open house is truly for:  GENERATING LEADS.  Open houses are NOT for selling the house.  I never knew this until I heard my friend Aaron speak on this topic.  Some of the tips he shared with this group of realtors are quite genius!

This is a picture of a note that says helpful tips right before I give actually tips on holding a open house.

  1.  Door knock the neighborhood and hand out fliers the DAY BEFORE your open house.  If you door knock two hours before your open house, you are wasting your time!  Two hours is not enough advanced notice to give people time to make arrangements to show up!  People may have already made plans, etc.
  2. If the city you are doing your open house in doesn’t have sign restrictions, put up the signs the night before.  This will get you maximum exposure for people driving by as well as the neighbors.
  3. Don’t print out detail sheets!  This was a shocker to me.  When you print out detail sheets, the people coming through your open house really don’t need to talk with you about the property.  The sheet has all the information they need.  You want to create a dialogue with everyone!  When someone asks you why there aren’t any detail sheets for the property, say something along the lines of “I am dedicated to running a green business,” or simply say “I dont print out detail sheets to save costs on paper and printing.”  That is the truth for EVERYONE.
  4. Offer to email people the detail sheet.  This will help you capture everyone’s contact with no hassle of having to deal with people who don’t want to give out their information.  If someone is truly serious about purchasing a house, they won’t give you a fake email.  Put people in an awkward situation (so they CAN’T say no) when asking for their email by saying:  “Would it offend you if I emailed you the detail sheet?”  When you phrase a question like that, it’s hard for someone to say no!

Picture of a sign that says open house on it.

I am a property manager…

But since I love realtors so much, I wanted to give them some helpful advice too!  Sorry property owners.  However, if you go to my website:  www.TGNPropertyManagement.com you can check out some of my past blog posts which will give you helpful insight or property management topics!

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