Get that Green!

I’m not talking about money.  I’m talking about making your house greener.  I’m not talking about grass, or the color, or celery, or Kermit the frog.  I’m talking about making your house more energy efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly.  This whole “green” movement; why do they use the word green for sustainable, eco-friendly practices?  Why not blue?  I digress.  You can apply these techniques to your personal home or, even better, your rentals!

Picture of Kermit the green frog on a log in a forest.

My main man Kermit spread eagle in the forest, chilaxing.

  1. A preventative maintenance program:  Have an all around handyman/contractor come by your house once every six months to inspect the big ticket items in your house that would cost a lot of money if something went wrong.  Examples of big ticket items are:  HVAC, chimney, windows, electrical, plumbing, etc.
  2. LED bulbs:  LED lights last a whole lot longer than regular bulbs and also use up a whole lot less electricity.  This is a cheap, easy way to reduce energy consumption!
  3. Thermostat:  Adjust your thermostat by a degree.  I do this at my house and you’d be surprised at how much money you can save if you adjust the thermostat up one degree (in the summer) and put a fan in your face.  You stay cool and save money.
  4. Water:  We’re in a drought (they always say in California).  Be water wise.  Have your routine inspector check underneath the house for small leaks in any of the pipes.  You can have a small leak and not even know it.  The water pressure will remain the same, but little do you know you’re wasting lots of water which will rack up your bill!  Also, be conscious of leaving it on when you don’t need it.  I noticed that when I am putting in my contacts in the morning I will leave the water running for no apparent reason.  I also noticed that when I’m cooking I will leave the water running for no apparent reason.
  5. Recycle:  I have separate bins at my house for trash and recycling.  This is a very good practice!  Did you know that the waste department of Waste Management has a team of people that go through regular trash to pick out recyclables that got mixed in?  Have you ever been to Whole Foods?  They have three holes in the garbage cans for recycling, compost and trash.  I never know which one to throw my trash into!
  6. Solar panels:  My friend Torsten had solar panels installed on his house.  He ended up getting some kind of rebate from the government which ended up cutting the cost of the panels in half.  He has already recouped his investment on not having to pay an electric bill each month.

I’m no hippy, but lets be honest:  we as humans are ruining this planet with our trash and filth.  Try and implement strategies to be a little more “green!”

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