Set Expectations

Everyone has expectations. Expectations of a service, a person, an experience, etc.  The way we perceive experiences sets our expectations.  Some peoples perception of reality is extremely skewed, though!  Not to mention how unreasonable people can be.  I’ve learned a lot in the last month!  That’s an understatement actually.  I’ve learned that providing good service in the real estate industry is not all about the service, it’s about setting peoples expectations and bringing them into reality!  I want to share with you two experiences I’ve had in the last month that remind me of how important it is to set expectations (and set them thoroughly), bring people into reality and keep an open line of communication.

Keep your expectations high on achievement and low on people!


Picture of a 90s movie titled "skate expectations."

Anyone remember this? Not Great Expectations, but SKATE Expectations, lol.  SoCal for you!

Experience 1 – AirBNB:

I manage AirBNB rentals for clients, but I also utilize AirBNB for my own personal house.  My house is older, hasn’t been updated in a while and smells funny.  The grout in the bathrooms is stained, the porcelain in the bathroom and kitchen is discolored from years of use, the carpet is worn and there are miscellaneous scratches and marks on the walls.  My house is clean, but its old and worn!  So, with that in mind, I created a YouTube virtual tour of my own personal residence showing these defects.  Not only do I put it on camera, but I talk throughout the video.  Want to see the video? Click here for the YouTube tour!

Last week, I had this jerk from Switzerland stay in my house.  Not only did I instruct him to watch the video tour, I told him through email the defects of my house.  His response:  “No problem, it’s all good, I don’t need anything fancy.”  During his stay all was good.  He was nice, friendly, etc.  I checked in with him several times to see if he needed anything.  His response:  “Nope, I am just fine!”   The day comes for him to check out and we shake hands and agree on writing good reviews for each other.

A couple days later AirBNB sends me the reminder to write a review for this guy.  I write a quick 5 star review for him and all is good.  Today I get an email from AirBNB saying the guy wrote a review for me.  “Cool,” I said to myself, “I’ll read it now.”

This European jerk dings me for my place not being “clean.”  After all the time I spent setting expectations for this guy, he dings me on my place not being clean!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Luckily, AirBNB gives the option for hosts to write responses to guest reviews.  Of course I defend myself and let people know the REAL truth of what happened during this guys stay!  I think he also gave me a semi-bad review because I told him his friend couldn’t stay the night!

Instances like this you can’t do anything better.  You can only be as CLEAR AS DAY to someone, but if they are too stupid to comprehend or unable to communicate properly, what can you do?  You can get a bad review from some idiot!

Experience 2 – Listing Agreement:

I met a lady.  Said lady wants to list her house.  I develop rapport with said lady.  My friend Richard and I go on a listing appointment with this lady.  Richard is a 10 year veteran and one of the top agents in the WORLD (this is a statistic based on sales).  Richard is the BEST at explaining and setting expectations for clients.  Lady signs listing agreement.  Lady asks me two days later for a copy of the signed listing agreement.  It takes us two days to get the listing agreement back to the lady.  Lady fires us because it took an extra day to get the listing agreement back.  THE LADY IS A KOOK.  THE LADY IS UNREASONABLE AND UNREALISTIC. 

Again, what can you do in this circumstance?  Nothing.  Moral of the story is to always set expectations and be up front with people.  Unfortunately you’ll eventually come across a kook/European jerk, but know in your mind that you did all you could do by setting expectations and being honest!

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