Majority of People Suck

I am sorry to be negative right off the bat, but it’s true:  people suck!  Why is it that when too many humans get involved things always go to crap?  Our planet is getting worse and worse every year as more and more humans are being born into this world.  Some will say “well we need to continue having more and more babies and teach them to take care of and clean up the world!”  This way of thinking makes no sense because the reality of life is that 1 in 1,000,000 babies will actually devote themselves to caring for the well being of the world.  And the ones who don’t fully devote themselves to humanitarian efforts but DO want to make a difference (like myself) will find that life is too expensive and too fast paced to really do anything on a daily basis that will actually make a difference.  And the ONE person out of a million who does devote their life to making the world a better and more sustainable place to live involuntarily produces so much waste that their efforts become useless!  Their waste offsets their efforts!  We can’t avoid it.  Everything we buy comes in plastic or comes from a factory that pollutes the environment.  There are so many more ways that we as humans involuntarily pollute this world without knowing it!  Thats a totally different topic though.  Reality is, we need to stop having kids and start adopting.  Our planet is way overpopulated!  There are MILLIONS of discarded children in this world who need a good home.  Why WOULDN’T people adopt?  Want to know how much waste each person creates?  Click here:  How Much Do We Waste Daily?

This is actually an article about a bad AirBNB experience.

Yes, there is a rhyme and reason as to my down cast feelings I wrote about above.  When you have a number of horrible experiences with people, it’s hard to not become negative.  Don’t worry folks, I’ve been watching some Tony Robbins videos and it really has reminded me that I must NOT let bad experiences control me.  Life is going from one problem to the next with a crisis in the middle!  However, I want this article to warn you of how people are destroying AirBNB.

A picture of Tony Robbins on the beach in a suit probably thinking how people suck!

Tony R., chillin’ on the beach in a suit.

AirBNB is a great company.  They really are.

AirBNB has a great infrastructure and an awesome staff!  They are helpful, friendly and do everything they can to make your experience amazing.  Just like section 8 is being exploited by people who don’t need it; AirBNB is becoming the same!  People suck.

I’ve heard of and have experienced several instances of people exploiting AirBNB in this way:  they will book their room, arrive, then find some reason as to why they should NOT have to pay for the time they stayed (they will do this AFTER they leave your place), submit a claim to AirBNB with “evidence,” pictures, etc.  The entire time the guest is there you will think they are having a enjoyable stay.  Little do you know they are creating a case against you to get a full refund for AirBNB.

Like I said earlier, AirBNB is a great company.  They will hear both sides of the story.  But the sucky part is the guests will sometimes win!  They will damage your property or cause some “issue” themselves and take pictures, videos, etc.  Wether the guest wins or loses you will STILL have to spend time making a case against these guests as to why they shouldn’t receive a refund!  It’s a total waste of time!

Prostitution Ring

I had a girl stay at my place last week.  I gave her all my rules and guidelines for staying at my place.  She agreed to them all.  Two days after she arrive she was having guys over for some rancid sex in my house.  I left her a kind note saying “please don’t have guests over.”  Of course, she broke those rules!  My LAPD officer friend suggested she is probably a prostitute.  And yes, yes she was!  Found her ad on Google for adult services!  She was supposed to stay for 24 days but I had to ask her to leave after four days.  I video taped her “boyfriend” leaving as well as her.  She left the room a mess as well!

AirBNB handled the situation very well.  They were very helpful to me and listened to me vent several times.  They even let me keep the guests funds for the remainder of the days she was supposed to stay there PLUS $150 for a deep cleaning.  Thats just downright awesome.

Ultimately I don’t want this article to reflect AirBNB as being a bad company.  They AREN’T.  People suck, and that is the bottom line!




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