Are you tired of having to deal with regular tenants?  Tired of the bad attitude from your tenants?  It seems these days everyone has a victim mentality and an entitlement problem.  Everybody “owes” me something. Life happened to me!  No one considers that maybe THEY put themselves in the situation they are in.  There is sort of a way out!  That sort of way is AirBNB!  Now you can get maximum exposure on AirBNB to ensure your unit stays rented using STSTAYS, we talk about it below.

Does Your Los Angeles Property Management Company Handle AirBNB?

AirBNB Logo. TGN is a Los Angeles Property Management firm that manages vacation rentals.

Does your Los Angeles property management company handle AirBNB vacation rentals?  If you said no, I would be surprised.  TGN Property Management LOVES utilizing AirBNB.  Why?  Because the mentality of the guests are much different than tenants and you get to meet people from all over the world!  It’s really fun to be an AirBNB host!  Being a Los Angeles property management company is so much easier when you are dealing with people that have good attitudes.

The City of Los Angeles is trying to outlaw landlords for using AirBNB!  If this happens, Los Angeles property management companies hosting AirBNB guests will be forced to stop!

Los Angeles Property Management

Supporters of Airbnb hold a rally outside City Hall, in New York. Cities throughout the country have been cracking down on the vacation rental site, prompting protests like these across the country.

If you aren’t involved in the Los Angeles property management world then you may not know that the local government is trying to keep landlords from using AirBNB.  Can you really blame the landlords for not wanting to rent to normal tenants?  In most cases using AirBNB  you get, at minimum, the same amount in rent as a normal tenancy.  Most of the time you generate a higher monthly gross income.  However, you do have to factor in cleaning fees after each guest.  The Los Angeles property management company handling your AirBNB will likely charge more for their services since it’s much more hands on!  Even after these added costs, most of the time, AirBNB will generate a higher ROI.

Also, AirBNB hosts don’t have to deal with the absurd California tenant landlord laws as much using AirBNB.  AirBNB offers a host protection program in which indemnifies a landlord suffering a financial loss.  Got an eviction?  Who cares!  The host protection program has you covered!  AirBNB is such a good company I assume they would even cover your vacancy loss!  This makes life for Los Angeles property management companies so much easier knowing you have an amazing company backing up your clients!

Less government control is what we need for Los Angeles property management companies and landlords!

Even if the local government outlaws AirBNB, I believe there will be ways around it.  Other sites will pop up and life will go on!  Los Angeles doesn’t have a budget to try and enforce these rules.  Chances are, the only way you will get caught is if your nosy neighbor rats on you or an inspector scouring the streets somehow finds out!

My AirBNB clients always ask if there is more ways of marketing the AirBNB listing other than the website.  Up until today, I said no.  Now there is a FREE service to maximize your AirBNB exposure…

STSTAYS – Short Term Stays – a GREAT solution for Los Angeles property management companies and landlords alike!

Short Term Stays is a hosting service that strives to maximize profits and get more bookings for Airbnb hosts, by using 30+ revenue channels. The goal is simple: keep the calendar full while keeping it simple. Instead of sharing your listing on only one website, they enable you to share on multiple websites, sync calendars and collect payments, without charging you any fees.

This company, STSTAYS, will boost owners income AND the Los Angeles property management company handling your vacation rentals.  It will be a win win for everyone involved!

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