Cartoon of two guys standing around talking about their Los Angeles property management company. One says: I say sue, the other says: anyone in particular?

Cartoon of two guys standing around talking about their Los Angeles property management company. One says: I say sue, the other says: anyone in particular?

We live in such a messed up, entitled, victim mentality world in which no one wants to own up to their responsibilities and wants instant gratification.  Discrimination is one of those things that, if you disagree with someone, they can easily say “you’re racist, I’m suing you,” or, “you’re discriminating against me, I’m suing you.”  A lot of the time these people can win even though it may be completely false and based on LIES.  Instead of people being REASONABLE, people try and sue each other.  Wonderful. Thats why it’s important your Los Angeles property management company understands fair housing!

Discrimination is such a loosely used term these days

Picture of things a Los Angeles property management company should not discriminate against!

Los Angeles property management companies have to be very careful not to violate fair housing rules.  OF COURSE, if they do, they can be sued.  What a lovely word:  sued.  Does your Los Angeles property management company understand the rules, regulations, laws, pending legislation and new developments of fair housing?  If not, find a new property management company.

Fair house is summed up by this:  Don’t discriminate.  But in this world of litigious, unreasonable people, it’s not always that easy.  A Los Angeles property management company can accidentally “discriminate” against someone by wrong advertising verbiage, wrong questions in an application, showings and more.  God forbid that we, as landlord advocates, want to ensure a tenant is well suited for a property.  The reality is:  A Los Angeles property management company couldn’t care less about the ethnicity of an applicant.  Yes, it’s true:  RACE, SEX, SEXUAL PREFERENCE, AGE, DISABILITY, PREGNANCY, ETC., ETC. DOES NOT MATTER TO LOS ANGELES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES!  All we care about is that you are qualified based on income, credit and background (no evictions, criminal, employed, etc)! We hope to find, during the application process, that you are also a reasonable person to rent to.  Simple as that.

Is your Los Angeles property management company’s background check “racist,” or “discriminatory?”  Well, lets find out.  Does the application ask any questions about race?  Ethnicity? What country the applicant is from? Sexual preference?  Age?  Disabled?  Pregnant?

Ask your Los Angeles property management company to see a copy of their application.  It’s really common sense on determining wether or not the application passes fair housing rules.  If you can’t determine that yourself by reading it, no offense, but sell your rental property.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course there are actual incidents where discrimination occurred! And it should be dealt with accordingly. I’m just harping on the fact that California is SO litigious and the majority of discrimination cases are frivolous and based on lies just so someone can win a couple million bucks.  It seems as though, in our current society, it’s not about wether a Los Angeles property management company was discriminating but rather “how can I sue and get some free money so I can continue to be lazy?!”

Next question: IS your Los Angeles property management company discriminating?  Are they TRULY discriminating?  That’s a tough one to find out.  Ask your Los Angeles property management company what their methods are for screening people.  Ask them what they take into consideration when selecting a tenant for your unit.

You can also ask your Los Angeles property management company if they have taken the fair housing quiz. I am posting it below.  I took this quiz from

1.       The purpose of the 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act is to ensure that everyone has equal access to housing regardless of their race, national origin, religion, sex, color, disability, familial status. True False
2.       The Civil Rights Act of 1968 is commonly known as the Fair Housing Act. True False
3.       Most states do not have additional Fair Housing laws. True False
4.       State Fair Housing Laws cannot add to Federal Fair Housing Laws True False
5.       HUD is the department of Human Resources and Urban Development. True False
6.       The American Disabilities Act was enacted in 1968 True False
7.       Property Owners can discriminate against service animals True False
8.       Dogs are the only animals that can be used as comfort animals True False
9.       Property Owners can charge an additional deposit for service animals True False
10.   It is non-discriminatory to use advertising with phrases such as executive home, no kids, and only singles. True False
11.   Housing providers must provide equal opportunities to all prospective buyers or renters, whether or not they speak English or are United States citizens. True False
12.   President John F. Kennedy signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 True False
13.   Sex was added as a protected class six years later in 1974. Protection from gender discrimination includes any form of sexual harassment and, as proven by recent court cases and legislation, victims of domestic violence are also afforded protections. True False
14.   Discrimination in renting is now considered a practice of the past. True False
15.  Despite the protection afforded those with disabilities, it is illegal for a housing provider to reserve an accessible unit only for those with disabilities. True False
16.   Fair Housing requirements make it unlawful for a housing provider or homeowners’ association to refuse to allow a reasonable accommodation or a reasonable modification to the premises when they may be necessary to afford persons with disabilities full enjoyment of a dwelling, including public and common use spaces. True False
17.   If a tenant requests a modification and is not reasonable or if would impose an undue hardship, the property owner can deny the request. True False
18.   Hoarding is never a Fair Housing issue. True False
19.   The law makes allowances to a property management company when they follow the property owner’s request even though it violates Fair Housing. True False
20.   There are no required Federal Fair Housing posters required in a property management office. True False

Can you Los Angeles property management company easily answer these?  Call today for the answers for each question – 310 623 2704.  For the latest in Los Angeles real estate and Los Angeles property management news, trends and tools, make sure to stay connected with our blog at:


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