A Los Angeles Property Manager should always have a checklist and daily to do list to properly maintain a property on a consistent basis. Getting repairs taken care of such as a stuck window, a collapsed ceiling, or a plumbing problem; in a timely manner is often more difficult than it would seem.

Responsiveness depends on a variety of variables:

  • An organized and task based Los Angeles Property Management team.
  • Where your landlord falls in the slumlord-to-class-act continuum.
  • The pay-to-play expectations of the staff.

If you’re having trouble getting things accomplished, here are seven tried-and-true tactics to help move the process along.

DIY vs Calling a Pro


Window Contractor Los Angeles Property Management

Many landlords chose to get into the business because they can handle a majority of maintenance problems themselves. There will be some issues, though, that will require a professional that has been trained in that field.

Tip: Whenever there is doubt or uncertainty, our Los Angeles Property Management Company recommends that you hire a professional who is an expert in that specific field (whether it be plumbing, carpeting, painting, stone restoration, gardening, etc.). This will ensure that the job will be done accordingly, based on the best practices for that specific field.

Find Your Approach


Have A List Los Angeles Property managementMaintenance problems will happen, so it’s best to have a general idea what those major issues are most likely going to be and to have a game plan for if/when they happen.

Tip: Our Los Angeles Property Management Company suggest that you maintain a list of qualified contacts for each specific field. If you ever run into any urgent problems your on site technician can’t take care of, you’ll have a trustworthy list of contractors you can always rely on.

Easy Solutions: Onsite/24-Hour Maintenance


On Site Technician | Los Angeles Property Management

There will be certain maintenance concerns that have very easy solutions that will not require a contractor to come out. If you can handle it on your own, why spend the money to call someone?

Tip: Our Los Angeles Property Management recommends that you  have an on-site technician who is qualified to tackle most maintenance duties. If you have multiple units, you may consider hiring someone who can provide 24 hour maintenance and is live onsite. This will ease the burden of trying to depend on contractors whose schedules are constantly changing.

First Impressions and Exterior Maintenance


The first thing that a potential tenant will see when they drop by to look at a property is the exterior.

Tip: Our Los Angeles Property Management team suggest that you make sure that what they see is clean, presentable, and well maintained or they may simply move onto the next property and look pass yours.



A small leak can be irritating, but a big leak can cause major problems in your Los Angeles property. Water damage can get expensive and cost even more to repair the damage. If your tenant cannot live in the rental during the time the repairs are taking place, you may be out rent payments as well.

Tip: Our Los Angeles Property Management Company recommends that you always have an on site technician who is qualified to take care of plumbing issues. If an urgent problem is beyond their expertise, have a list of local plumbers who are reliable and can service you within the hour.

Mold: Avoiding Lawsuits

Avoiding Mold Los Angeles property Management

Mold can cause a mixture of health problems, and if your tenants believe that you have not lived up to your duties as a landlord, you could be on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Tip: Make sure you are always up to standard with building regulations and inspection guidelines.  

Avoiding Negligence Lawsuits



When you accept a tenant into your property you will most likely sign a lease with them. This is a legally binding agreement between you both. If you fail to keep the residence in a habitable condition, your tenant may have a case for a negligence lawsuit.

Tip: Landlords are sued by tenants and their guests for negligence when injury occurs on a property and there is evidence of owner neglect. To avoid such suits, our Los Angeles Property Management Company suggest that you treat your property like the business it is, insuring it for all eventualities, and being aware of any potentially problematic issues.

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