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Los Angeles Property Management companies are aware that today’s  growth in digital usage could be traced solely to the supply of mobile devices. The trend of today’s internet users now regards their stationary computer as secondary backup to phones and other handheld computers.

Mobile Usage Statistic:

  • Percent of digital consumption from mobile devices is around 65%
  • Sharing of digital time using a mobile app runs about 56%
  • Smartphone owners are among 18 to 35 year olds run in and around 97%
  • Smartphone users amongst people of all ages are about 79%

Handheld Devices Are Everywhere

Mobile Marketing Property Management Services Los Angeles

Los Angeles Property Management companies know that almost everybody has a mobile phone. Especially with younger adults who may also be future renters. Younger adults prefer mobile phones as their gateway to get in and around the internet. They are the most likely to use their phone to read and respond to text messages and emails, conduct business, post on social media, and even research products. It only makes sense for Los Angeles Property Managers to communicate and do business with renters the way everyone communicates today.

Mobile options don’t just appeal to renters. While they can enjoy paying their rent online and requesting maintenance repairs quickly directly from their smartphone, mobile features also help property managers enjoy more convenience and flexibility. And that means time savings and better efficiencies.

Los Angeles Property Management Tip On Property Management apps that can help:

  • Call a tenant or send an email directly from inside the mobile app.
  • Renters and owners are offered great customer service from anywhere via mobile phone, reason being is for a faster response time.
  • Los Angeles Property Management companies know that with these apps you can text your renters, owners and vendors and have a history of all communications stored in your database.
  • You’re able to take a photo, upload it, and directly attach it to an inspection report.
  • Los Angeles Property Management companies like the fact that you can enter and edit work orders, take notes, and view tenant information, while at the same time you’re away from the office.
  • Offer new renters a lease that they can sign on the spot, Los Angeles Property Management companies like the paper route we’re able to take today.

Advantage Of Mobile Devices

mobile_marketing Los Angeles Property Management Services

Los Angeles Property Management companies know when Property Managers are able to perform almost all aspects of their business via anywhere, they’re able to serve tenants better, get a lease signed quicker, and Los Angeles Property Management companies like to produce more accurate reports in an amount of time much quicker. This will naturally lead to increased profits and productive days ahead. All of your data is literally at your fingertips.

In Closing

Los Angeles Property Management companies know that both renters and Property Managers can benefit from the leisure, advantage, and simplicity of mobile Property Management applications. They offer a better way to please a tenant, attract potential renters, and help Los Angeles Property Managers do their jobs quicker and more efficient.

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