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Los Angeles Property Management companies state that one of the most important tasks of being a Los Angeles Property Manager is effectively communicating with tenants.  All tenants are different, there are several ways a Los Angeles Property Manager could go about communicating with each tenant in order to meet their needs.

Los Angeles Property Management Meet Face To Face With Tenants

Los Angeles Property Management companies know that the thought of communicating with a tenant face to face sometimes seems terrifying, even the most confident Los Angeles Property Managers. Even though, tenant screenings normally yield high quality tenants, there’s always a chance that somebody could overreact when angry, upset, or even be confused.

By Telephone

Los Angeles Property Management companies say that when you’re not able to arrange a face to face meeting with your tenant, or simply prefer not to, there are other viable options to get a hold of the tenant and speak to them over the phone. That’s likewise with tenants. They’re able to contact your Los Angeles Property Management company to address any questions, comments or concerns they might have.

Electronic Communication

Los Angeles Property Management companies are very much aware of today’s online ability to email and other online portals to communicate effectively with tenants for any reason whatsoever. Both options offer you and your tenants a conventional way to communicate each other. Also adding, the correspondence can be saved by both parties should a legal dispute arise.


Los Angeles Property Management companies understand the rise of smartphones makes sense because of today. Sometimes it feels more comfortable texting your tenants. Text messages are received quickly, they’re rarely lost, are less apt to go unread, and cater to a large community of people who prefer this method of communication. In addition, if you happen to be part of a legal dispute, text messages can sometimes come in handy as a legal form of correspondence.

Mail Correspondence

Los Angeles Property Management companies use certified mail, this method proves that you at least attempted to contact your tenant should a serious matter be taken to court. When a situation gets to this level, attempting to communicate is all you have to do. What a tenant chooses to do with said mail is up to them. As a Los Angeles Property Management company, you’re simply responsible for protecting yourself.

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