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Los Angeles Property Management companies know that there are plenty of blog post out in the world wide web about becoming a Property Manager and how important it is to have an expert come in and regularly perform the scheduled maintenance on a property.


Some tenants may need in home health care, while some have physical issues, some have mental problems and some are just old (no offense).

Property Managers will chat with the caretakers, some have learned something interesting, apparently, in being a caretaker it can actually take a toll on your health than being care taken.

There’s endless amounts of information online about how a caretaker should take care of themselves.

Los Angeles Property Management Compare And Contrast

Los Angeles Property Management companies can compare the duties of a caretaker to a Los Angeles Property Manager. Now this is only an analogy to be made here, reason being is because if you’re a landlord for over 4 or 5 properties all by yourself, you can stretch yourself too thin.

One property can sometimes be a pain in the you know what, imagine three or more properties you have to take on. It can be a bit overwhelming.

This might not happen right away, but surely a month will come where two people or more are late on rent, another has a broken furnace, one has been arrested, and one just let you know that they’re breaking their lease early due an emergency.

Caretaker Duties

  • Reduce stress in other areas of your life.
  • Set aside goals that are not work related for yourself and work toward them on a regular basis.
  • Be extremely clear when you communicate with your tenants, and make sure to document everything.
  • Taking a legitimate break when it’s needed.

Los Angeles Property Management companies understand most of those are straightforward and applies to most if not all professions but how does that last one work for a landlord?

How to ‘take a break’ when you need to be present for rent collection, repairs, family emergencies, natural disasters and any of the other dozen circumstances that come up as part of everyday tenant life?

Taking A Breather

It’s a question that there’s no good answer to. Sometimes landlords just leave and take a break and hope that nothing goes wrong, but that’s risky.

Some have friends that are fellow landlords and work out agreements to cover each other’s properties. Others bite the bullet and hire a property manager, and accept the reduced revenue knowing that someone else is taking on that stress.

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