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No condo association could turn away a potential condo owner just based on their race, religion, or familial status. Los Angeles Property Management say that is why the Fair Housing Act exist.

Los Angeles Property Management Breakdown The Fair Housing Act

The FHA states that there are to be no discrimination against people based on familial status, and families have brought cases to trial and won by saying that pool rules violate the FHA. An FHA example, pool rules state that children who aren’t potty trained are not enter the pool. People under the age of 18 have to be supervised by a parent. A case can and has been made were these rules were seen as discrimination.

Pool Rules

Rules are set, to keep the pool free of the hazards of non toilet trained babies, keeping the pool available for lap swimming, or maybe just to keep the noise down. If these happen to be the intentions, it’s probably best to make creative rules that have the same end result, but at the same time don’t discriminate against anybody or any family.

Sign Disclaimers Around The Property

Instead of saying no potty trained babies allowed in the pool, insist for them to wear swim diapers. This helps to not bar children from enjoying the pool. Instead of excluding anyone under 18 from entering the pool without parental supervision, consider teen certified lifeguards that are well mannered.

Setting a rule that children under 14 must be supervised does make sense, but the rule should state “adult supervision” rather than “parental supervision.” This would be a better PR(Public Relations) move.

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