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Los Angeles Property Management companies know about dealing with all kinds of unwanted visitors. From critters to fellow man. It’s only when guests become pests that it can be frustrating.

Besides annoying the other renters that actually pay rent, a long term guest could be a liability if something was to happen because they didn’t sign to be in the lease.

Los Angeles Property Management Assess The Situation

Assess the situation, especially if they live at on site or happen to be there regularly. There will be tale signs that a unit has an extra person.

How To Tell If There’s An Extra Guest

Los Angeles Property Management companies say that when guests get mail sent to your address and the name doesn’t match the mailbox, that’s definitely an indication that there’s an extra guest staying in that unit.

When Bills Go Up All Of A Sudden

When the water bill goes up, there’s an easy way to ask a renter about extra tenants and approach them about the rise in utility costs.

Do consider that it could be a plumbing issue, or an additional person. Either way it’s an easy segway to discuss and fix the issue with the tenant.

How To Follow Through

Los Angeles Property Management companies add a clause in the rental agreement. The best way to avoid guests that overstay their welcome is to make it clear to what being a guest means in the lease. If living in a state that doesn’t have a clear definition for that, the Property Manager will make their own rules as long as they fall within tenant rights and guidelines.

Any guest staying more than 14 days in any 6 month period would be considered a tenant, instead of a guest, and has to be added to the lease. A tenant is also considered somebody who stays in a unit more than 3 days a week and must be added into the lease agreement.

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