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The stress that comes with running a Los Angeles Property Management company is sometimes a bit much. In dealing with vendors, renters and your own employees. A scenario might be going into work and you open your email, and there’s a crazy amount of emails, then the phone rings and it’s a tenant wondering about the scheduled plumbing issue they’ve needed during the week.

Next, it’s the plumber asking why they haven’t received payment for the last job and a check is needed in order for them to work on the current problem. Additional emails with new tenant applications, and questions about whether another property can be added to the cluster of work on a daily basis, and so on.

Los Angeles Property Management Deals With Maintenance Issues

Los Angeles Property Management companies know about hectic days, email is always full of notes about property issues and lawn work that needs to be taken care of. Outsourcing contractors for repairs is a daily thing, but they seem to be busy or don’t follow up with you for weeks on end.

It’s really no wonder that the average time a Property Manager stays at a job is nine months. If a Property Manager is not organized, you’ll receive the blame from landlords, tenants, and contractors.

Los Angeles Property Management companies develop an ongoing maintenance and inspection schedule to help stay on top of maintenance concerns and are able to deal with repairs before they become a big problem.

It’s recommend to create an ongoing connection with maintenance companies and always keep track of what needs to be done and when so that the right resources are taken care of where and when it’s needed.

Invoices And Payments

Every Los Angeles Property Manager needs to know that tenants are paying their rent on time. Los Angeles Property Management companies know that getting tenants to pay on time is one of the key foundations to a successful Los Angeles Property Management business, this ensures a steady cashflow to fund ongoing maintenance and this also pays the salary of those who work at the Los Angeles Property Management company.

Communication With The Tenant

Most Los Angeles Property Management companies recommend that tenant and owner portals are a must have for Los Angeles Property Management companies that want to communicate efficiently. Tenants and owners expect the Property Manager to track their communications and respond to all needs.

With a portal, they are able to track payments, note scheduled visits or maintenance, and they’ll even be able to see any changes made. They’ll be able to ask questions directly through the portal, this allows Property Manager to track threads of conversation way easy.

Online Applications

Los Angeles Property Management companies state that when countless prospects are interested in a property online, it is both exciting and a bit overwhelming. Be sure to create an online application process that involves simple screening.

This allows a Property Management company to receive applicants who are pre approved, this makes it easier to manage the tenant on boarding process efficiently.

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