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Los Angeles Property Management companies say that studies have shown that families with newborns are more than likely to move a cross country.

The study also showed that young children, who don’t have a complete understanding on why the move happened, may be bothered by this event.

Three Helpful Hints:

Los Angeles Property Management Preparing For The Move

Los Angeles Property Management may know a thing or two about bouncing around from property to property.

Telling your oldest would make them feel included in what is going on with the move, but even if your child is just a toddler, setting the stage several weeks before anything happens would be a great start.

By including kid books about moving in your regular storytime together, this will make your toddler interested in what’s next. This gives your child a frame of reference to connect when you start talking about moving to a new place.

Moving Day Is Here

Los Angeles Property Management companies say that before the big day, discuss about moving to a new place with your child. Be sure to outline a plan on what the day will look like for them, make a list for what your child will be doing during each block period.

Los Angeles Property Management companies say that young children can get confused when they see everything getting taken away in boxes, and they could worry that the belongings are goners

Getting Established

A good start would be to settle in by making the effort to unpack your child’s room first. This helps to reduce anxiety as familiar items will come out of boxes and the space starts to look their part.

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