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When a dog bites a man, that’s nothing new, but when a man bites a dog, now that’s certainly news!

Los Angeles Property Management says when a landlord finds out a tenant’s dog bit someone, that is the hand they’re dealt. The landlord must know they’ll be held responsible.

Los Angeles Property Management Gets Renter’s Insurance

If a tenant requires renter’s insurance, the landlord more than likely won’t need to worry about being sued if a tenant’s dog bit somebody. A tenant’s renter’s insurance will cover that.

Renter’s insurance protects the landlord if a tenant’s dog bites someone.

The only exception is if the injuries to the victim are so severe that they go beyond what the renter’s insurance would cover, and that doesn’t happen too often. Even if you are sued for the balance, there still needs to be a case against the landlord or property manager.

Good News

Los Angeles Property Management companies say in most cases, you are not responsible if a tenant’s dog bit someone. Although there is never good news of any kind when a dog bites somebody.

A Los Angeles Property Management company is not responsible if there’s a dangerous dog on the property. This happens time to time if a property owner buys property that’s already occupied by a tenant who has a running lease. Once the lease comes under control of the landlord or property manager, this needs to be corrected.

Bad News

There are some other instances where a Los Angeles Property Management company could be held responsible if a tenant’s dog bites somebody.


If dogs are allowed at a rental property, be sure to take the necessary steps to ensure that tenants at the property are safe. If there’s a dangerous dog on the property, inform the tenant that the dog must go.

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