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Search Engine Optimization is a must need in behind Internet apartment marketing. In order for a “For Rent” sign to be seen throughout websites, they have to be placed in searches that are seen by those who are surfing the web for a place to live.

SEO Works With Los Angeles Property Management

In order for an SEO expert to fully achieve their duties, certain task consist of attracting prospects to your site, they even help to close deals. The user must have a reason to stay on the site. Think of it as if you went to the park to see a free festival, and a well known band shows up.

Now, of course the show billing gets you in the door, but if the acoustics aren’t working for the audience that’s watching, you might get up and leave. The same applies with apartment websites that tend to do a good job of luring visitors but do little keep the visitor interested.

New Marketing Approach With SEO

Be sure identify with not only what attracts a prospect to their site but how they interact themselves and also how long the visit stay last, this will help with boosting occupancy rates.

Los Angeles Property Management companies shouldn’t necessarily focus on the search engine but on the actual search experience to create a new kind of apartment marketing approach.

If the experience lacked for a search, an opportunity was likely lost. The search engine did exactly what it was suppose to do, nobody is necessarily to blame here if there were no results.

Understanding The Online User Experience

The industry bounce rate averages about 30 to 50 percent and average time on the site is about two minutes give or take. That’s nowhere near an optimum circumstance to engage on any prospect, Los Angeles Property Management companies know now that the websites should offer a user friendly and appealing experience.

The next move would be to decide if you are talking about the things people want and care about, like particular amenities, restaurants around the way, floorplans and pricing. Specifically in the apartment industry, floor plan pages are typically among the highest traffic pages.

Low traffic would indicate that users are not being engaged by what the site has to offer if occupancy is a bit low. Even still, if occupancy is high, fast exits or low traffic could indicate that the floor plans are not speaking the truth.

Properties From Competitors

Three things to consider in order to increase search experience optimization.

  1. It’s important to look at the website’s analytics, this will help to determine the key metrics. Analyze the bounce rate, what is the average time on site, exactly where people are leaving on the site and also exit pages.
  2. Truly research the written content and establish why it’s a better to live there than a competitor place. Content should be crystal clear, brief and make sure to highlight key features in a way that makes  a prospective tenant want to read more and maybe even fill out an application for vacancy.
  3. Imagery is very important here. Make sure, to make images and photographs “speak to the story.” Photos should be done by a professional and should be optimized. Taking different angles of interior shots always helps to sell, and so do outdoor shots of whatever amenities available to the tenants.

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