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Los Angeles Property Management companies have an understanding on rental properties as a long term investment that when managed well, the property can become a reliable source of rental income.

Financial Documentation

Some businesses may go through potential lenders that need to confirm financial responsibility, even when the unit is unoccupied and the monthly mortgage is still being payed.

Los Angeles Property Management And Due Diligence

All Los Angeles Property Management companies know before applying for a loan, it is important to investigate the rental market and the viability of the property, especially as a rental unit.

Property Details

Los Angeles Property Management companies have recommended to apply for a loan on a rental unit, that ensure the property is well maintained, making sure it has no outstanding issues and does not face any substantial cost increases. Collecting these details will show the lender this property could be a smart investment.

Three Detail Strategies:

  • Inspection. Conduct a thorough inspection of the entire property, looking for any major issues that may require fixing or replacing. Put a focus on existing signs of damage, looking at the condition of the roof, HVAC unit and plumbing, and the condition of finishes such as exterior and interior walls, driveway, sidewalks and flooring.
  • Utility costs.You could review past utility expenses for the rental property, taking into account the expenses you will be responsible for and the ones the tenants will cover. It’s smart to contact the local utilities to ask about any upcoming rate increases, this could impact your rental income totals.
  • Insurance. Los Angeles Property Management companies recommend securing a quote for insurance for the rental property. Your lender will want to know how much insurance cost will be, and needing to factor this amount, and all taxes, into the picture to provide a clear view of how much the rental property will cost

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