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All Los Angeles Property Management Companies have an approval process in order to fill in a vacancy. Here are a few tips in order for potential renters to understand what it entails to get approval. A bit of a guide into Los Angeles Property Management guidelines.

1. How A Credit Score Ranges

Even though credit scores can range marginally, credit reporting sources range an approval rate from 300 to 900.

Property management studies show that about, 58% of Americans have a credit score of 700 and above, while the other 42% have scores below the 700 mark.  Knowing before you look to rent your next apartment is one of the first steps to take. Check your credit often. Equifax and TransUnion credit scores are one of the two main sources Credit Karma uses on their site to evaluate a credit score.

2. Requirements Of 720 To 740 And Above

The majority of people, in the future, will need to secure loans for either auto or buying a home.  In order to make your credit score more attractive to lenders, they’ll suggest to at least have a credit score of 720. Although, each lender will have different criterias and some could require to see a higher score.  Not too much trial and error to see a score at 650 or below, will more than likely prompt a more in depth look into your credit.

Take into consideration, that your credit score is just one of many factors that Los Angeles Property Management takes into account because of what decision they make.  Even though for approval they have plenty of factors they look at to make a decision.

3. Overcoming A Low Credit Score

Los Angeles Property Management knows that a good credit score is an important criteria most landlords weigh in when they see a rental application at their Los Angeles Property Management company. Make sure to meet or exceed the required criteria by the landlord, in doing that being accepted is more than likely.

What could be included:

  1. Showing multiple years of unbroken rental history with positive recommendations from prior landlords
  2. Not having evictions on record
  3. Have a monthly income that requires three times the monthly rent amount.

Sometimes even if not accepted, based on the landlord’s criteria, you could have to pay extra for the security deposit. Maybe even needing a cosigner ready with a good credit score who would be able to use their credit to help.

4. Los Angeles Property Management – Late Or Missing Payments Are No Bueno

Making payments to a Los Angeles Property Management company is not necessarily enough to ensure that your score will rise.  There are few common mistakes people make that end up hurting their score.

  1. Having a high balance in relation to your credit limit will do some damage.  If a limit on your credit card is $5,000 and you’re always spending up to $4,800 each month, this can have a negative effect on your credit score.
  2. Maxing out your card is another common mistake. Make sure to keep in mind that credit bureaus are not to fond of this spending pattern because it means you are spending a lot in comparison to your income.
  3. Sometimes having too many credit cards can also bite you. From a Los Angeles Property Management perspective, the more credit cards in your name, the higher amount of debt you could put yourself into.
  4. Also, a lot of hard credit inquiries could damage your score. Most credit inquiries commonly occur when a Los Angeles Property Management company runs your credit to evaluate rental approval. A lot of inquiries can indicate that you are unable to secure a loan for a first option and will likely take on more debt down the line.

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