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Los Angeles Property Management knows that listing that have a low rent sign could cause concerns if it’s lower than average.

Any place that requires little or no deposit, no tenant screening and the amenities listed are inconsistent with property photos. All of these raise a red flag, you shouldn’t consider moving into any type of property when everything seems too good to be true.

Los Angeles Property Management Attract Potential Tenants

Los Angeles Property Management knows that a scammer is going to try to create a listing that is going to attract as many applicants.

They may even include many amenities as possible and are going to offer an unbelievable deal on rent and the deposit.  

If there’s an uncertainty about how much rent really is, using a site like rentometer.com will help clear things up. Make sure to read the listing carefully and contact the landlord or even the Property Manager if there’s any questions.

Make Sure The Property Is Up To Date

Most Los Angeles Property Management company allows you to put down a deposit or sign a lease before you look at the property for yourself.

This should be a sign that business with this establishment maybe shouldn’t be made.

It would be even better to set up a video chat with the landlord or property manager to do a live virtual tour.

Meeting The Landlord Or Property Manager

Los Angeles Property Management recommend to have a meeting before signing any documents or if your deciding to send money to them.

A legitimate and professional landlord will more than likely want to meet the prospective tenant, also. Very often just requesting to meet will deter a scammer.

If something feels off about the meeting, you’ll want to look into this a bit more thoroughly to make sure that they are indeed the property owner.

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