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Los Angeles Property Management know that property managers are have a workload that consist of interruptions, overwhelming amounts of information, staff and tenant issues. Least to say there’s way too much to do and not enough time in the day to accomplish it.

Los Angeles Property Management Assessment

Los Angeles Property Management Companies say that according to the National Association of Professional Organizers, we waste an average of 40% of the workday.

Not necessarily for lack of trying, but  because of bad organizing skills to cope with the ever increasing workload that is ever on the rise.

The Many Rolls A Property Manager Has To Play

Los Angeles Property Management understands that a property manager has to act on a number of issues, which include, negotiating leases with existing tenants, negotiations with prospective tenants seeking to occupy vacant space, addressing maintenance issues, etc…

On going discussions with current tenants regarding occupancy issues in their existing lease, chasing payments for outstanding arrears, inspecting properties to ensure compliance, performing capital improvements which could include income and expenditure analysis.

Where Does My Time Go?

Los Angeles Property Management knows that a simple change to your work habits and a positive mindset will get you back on point.

Five Helpful Tips:

  1. Schedule each workday around the most simplistic plan that allows you to complete tasks with priority service. Mornings are a time to take advantage of, this time should be used as a momentum for decision making, putting a focus to developing a schedule.
  2. Breakdown daily time consuming tasks into smaller instances and attempt to complete a task before moving on to the next one.
  3. Dedicate mid mornings to reviewing emails and returning lead calls. Keeping in mind that every email and telephone call has the potential to delay the daily plan. Handling it with high priority immediately and of course when possible, delegate the workload.
  4. Reserve afternoons for activities out of the office. This could include meetings with vendors, landlords, tenants, and property inspections.
  5. Finishing the day by reviewing your schedule and take note of how much was accomplished and do any tasks requires follow up or re scheduling.

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