Los Angeles Property Management knows that making a mistake in this industry can be a bit costly, it’s very common to get caught up in emotions and assumptions.

Los Angeles Property Management Expectations

When Los Angeles Property Management completes a project only to realize it’s not up to par, going back and looking at the original guidelines should be next step.

If missing a key component, acknowledge the oversight and fix the issues as a fast as possible, a happy tenant is a paying tenant.

Putting effort into a project and to forget to click “send’ or follow up on a resulting action is an oversight, but it should not be common, fortunately, this is one of the easiest to verify and fix.

Responding Correctly

Los Angeles Property Management can’t tell you how many times they have heard someone lament about what a poor job they did right after receiving glowing feedback.

In the world of property management the good always come with the bad, there’s no way to avoid it.

Specific anxieties will always vary depending on the job and work style.

Informal Review

Los Angeles Property Management knows not to worry about potentially making an error, it’s very easy to get carried away with an internal debate.

Going back and forth will only result in overanalyzing and will lead the Property Manager further away from reality. Being prompt about it doesn’t hurt the cause.

When discussing performance, sticking to general questions on strengths and areas for improvement should be the focus of the discussion.

First you should start by asking , how would you describe my current contributions to the team? Where do you think I’m excelling right now? This gives a better overall sense of where you should focus.

Prevent from unnecessarily drawing attention to one of the less than standout moments.

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