LARSO or Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance is a set of laws that are followed by Los Angeles Property Management companies.

Property management companies need a help guide to review and to use if tenants have any questions. This information has become more and more available to tenants, so Property Managers and landlords should know these restrictions.

Los Angeles Property Management Rent Stabilization

Rent stabilization controls rents and limits evictions for properties in Los Angeles. Also limiting the possibility for evicting someone without a reason. This makes sure a landlord doesn’t evict someone so they would be able to raise rent.

Under Rent Control

Los Angeles Property Management knows that dealing with single family lots can be a bit much. An exempt affordable housing unit. Luxury units approved by LAHD. Hotel & motel rooms, occupancy less than 30 days. Rental units in converted commercial buildings with first rental use after 10/1/78.

If a Los Angeles Property Management company is under rent control, the tenant has atlas eviction protection, relocation assistance, and including a security deposit interest. Whether the tenant is also protected from rent increases depends on when their vacancy started.

Enforced Ordinance

Los Angeles City Council passed rent control in 1978 and has been in effect ever since. Rent Control is currently making up about 85 percent of the city’s rental housing stock. Los Angeles is so large some neighborhoods are thought of to be cities. Some neighborhoods included are Westchester, Sunland, Northridge, Eagle Rock, El Sereno, Highland Park, Mt Washington and Woodland Hills.

Speed is a key essence with a bad review. The faster Property Management receives the review, the less of a hit on your occupancy rate and reputation. Though, you can still mitigate the effects of older reviews by dealing with it in a quick and positive manner.

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