Los Angeles Property Management knows that a single bad review can give potential renters a bad impression of a property or even a property manager and may be enough to turn desirable renters away before they can even apply.

If you’ve worked and are currently working in property management company, learning the proper steps to lighten the blow is key for continued success.

Los Angeles Property Management Does Some Damage Control

Los Angeles Property Management knows that before doing anything, read the review thoroughly, several times if you have to.

Is there fact to the review? Meaning, is the complaint about a broken washing machine or did the rent go up? Simply acknowledging a resident’s complaint can clearly avoid a negative outcome and it will show potential renters that the property management can respond to any renter issue.

Many negative reviews sometimes aren’t based on fact and state just an opinion.. A proper response will not only show future tenants that property management is on top of things, it could fix the upset resident’s problem and keep them satisfied.

Bad Review

Assuming the Property Manager responded to a negative review based on one tenant’s opinion. The best things to do is to respond quickly and clear things up offline

If a property management company receives a negative review on Yelp, leave a comment letting the reviewer know you are sorry they are unhappy but definitely hear their concerns. Inform them the best way to resolve their issue is to get in contact the property management office to directly resolve the matter.

Property Managers

When a Los Angeles Property Management deals with a negative review, one of duties of the property manager is to report this the owner.

After mitigating the situation, set up an online alert, try Google Alerts or more vigorous social media monitoring tools to let the property management company know when people mention the company online or leave a review on third party site like Yelp.

Automating the process, ensures that the company will be notified quickly the next time someone reviews the property management company. With this in place the company will catch the negative reviews, while at the same time staying updated on positive reviews.

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