Los Angeles Property Management says, that commercial property managers handle non residential properties.

This includes offices, retail spaces, storage facilities, shopping centers and industrial buildings.

Los Angeles Property Management Is Similar To Commercial Management

Los Angeles Property Management knows that residential property management has the same focus as commercial management.

The tasks and obligational duties of operating an income producing property are very similar.

Commercial property management can involve being able to prioritize and finish a wide array of tasks.

Advertising, marketing, and leasing processes come with the territory of the commercial manager’s job; commercial leases are generally longer than other properties, with built-in renewals.

Marketing And Leasing Negotiations

Los Angeles Property Management knows that both the marketing and lease negotiation processes can be long, it’s more tedious than in other types of property management.

Although, commercial property managers normally don’t have enough hands on deck to complete tasks once the space is leased.

They often take care of their own general maintenance, and in certain cases, design and customize the interior of the space to suit their businesses.

Keeping Records In Order

Los Angeles Property Management knows that property managers of commercial spaces keep all administrative and financial records.

They also keep everything current with applicable maintenance orders, taxes, mortgages and insurance.

They make sure rent is collected, and respond to tenant needs and issues.

Reporting Regularly

Los Angeles Property Management knows that managers provide regular reports.

This means occupancy, rent roll and any budget changes are reported to the property owner, providing regular updates on how the investment is doing.

A commercial property manager is an asset to any property owner who has not the time or experience to market or manage their commercial real estate property.

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