Los Angeles Property Management knows that as a property manager, spontaneous events tend to pop up when dealing with angry occupants.

No matter how hard you work and try to provide a pleasant, safe, livable environment, issues will and do arise.

Los Angeles Property Management Defuse The Issue

Los Angeles Property Management says that the difference between the reality of the job and the nightmare of a bad experience comes down to the occupant’s attitude.

If they are mad, your reaction to that attitude is important.

You have to be sensitive to occupants’ anger before it becomes a big problem.

Maintenance Problems

Los Angeles Property Management knows that it’s important to have strong maintenance resolution system, that means a system that is easy to follow as well as communication.

Maintenance requests should be written. If the issue cannot be handled immediately, acknowledge the issue right away and follow up with a timeline for the tenant.

This shows the occupant that you’re on top of every issue on site.


Los Angeles Property Management knows that when the property manager cannot be found, this ultimately translates to good occupants who move out immediately once the lease is over.

With everyone being tech savvy now a days, a property manager who is difficult to track down is not going to last very long in the industry.

Loud Neighbors

Los Angeles Property Management knows that in certain cases, this issue is out of the property manager’s jurisdiction, and they unfortunately can’t help.

In this situation, hopefully the occupants resolve the issue themselves, without calling the authorities.


Los Angeles Property Management knows that in a lot of leases it is non negotiable to have any type of pet on site.

This means especially no cockroaches, spiders, ants, termites, mice and rats.

The property doesn’t want an infestation.

The issue with those kind of pets is that they don’t set up shop in just one unit sometimes.

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