Los Angeles Property Management knows that central air conditioning is something we all take for granted, especially when it stops working.

When you’re a landlord, tenants can make a maintenance request about AC units because of over usage.

When the time comes to replace the unit, you could end up paying a hefty fee.

Los Angeles Property Management Choose The Correct AC Unit For The Rental

Los Angeles Property Management knows that no matter where you reside, AC is an expectation for all tenants.

When it comes to areas where AC isn’t a requirement, if there’s a system in place, you’ll definitely attract potential tenants.

But, when the AC goes out in one of your rentals, it can be a frustrating problem for both parties.

Replacing an AC unit is a very important decision. It can be expensive, and it’s best to do research and carefully weigh all available options.

Four Important Factors To Choosing An AC Unit:

1. Variety Of Systems

Los Angeles Property Management says the first thing look into, is what kind of system you want.

Depending where you live, forced air systems are very common.

Typically, they operate on natural gas, and some do run on electricity.

First thing to figure out is what size unit you actually need to install.

Depending on square footage of your home and some other factors, windows, ceiling height, and even the climate, makes a difference. About the average home uses anything from a 2 to 4 ton unit.

2. Warranties And Service Agreements

Los Angeles Property Management knows that service agreements and warranties can be quite important when it comes to installing and maintaining an AC unit.

Most AC manufacturers offer warranties on parts ranging from 5 to 10 years.

A good HVAC service company offers a labor warranty for a few years. In most service agreements.

They have to come out and service the system once or twice a year, but this is something that should be done regardless.

3. The Final Choice

Los Angeles Property Management knows that, if you make the wrong choice when buying an AC unit, there could be negative ramifications for years to come.

If it’s too small, it’s not going to work properly and if it’s too big, you’ll have a very high electricity bill.

Repairs and inefficient system burn a hole in your pocket.

To make the right choice, sometimes this means spending a bit more money than you would’ve wanted, but in the end, your tenants will be much happier and comfortable.

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