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Los Angeles Property Management knows that when you look for a handyman, whether for short or long term use, you have to make look into it very thoroughly.

A great way to do that would be to network, you’ll get personal testimony that’s detailed and reliable.

Los Angeles Property Management Interview A Handyman

Los Angeles Property Management says that if you’re contacting a handyman for one job, you always want to know who is doing the job.

Be sure to ask, how long they’ve been a professional and what experience they have or acquired.

Now, if you hire them as an on call handyman, a more meticulous interviewing should be conducted.

Their Availability

Los Angeles Property Management cannot overstate how important it is to have a handyman on call throughout the whole day.

There are handymen that stop their daily services around 5 in the afternoon.

Most tenants all have jobs where they have to clock in somewhere, they won’t be home in the middle of the day to notice their sink leaking.

By the time they come home to notice the issue, the handyman won’t be available until the next day.

If the issue is serious, having someone on call after hours comes in handy.

Write It Down

Los Angeles Property Management says that, just as you would with a tenant, make sure everything agreed upon is put in a written contract.

This gives you legal footing if anything was to go wrong, or if a dispute emerges with your contractor.

A contract establishes a clear rate of pay, as well as a clear outline about what services the handyman is providing.

There are numerous types of contracts that range from small to large projects.

You can look them up on the internet, and they’ll serve as a good place to start when writing one up.

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