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Los Angeles Property Management has learned in the past five years that the business of managing a single family rental has surpassed its pinnacle.

Being a great manager has to do with not only experience but, intuition, market knowledge and have to pay attention to detail.

Although, all of these are a crucial part of being a property manager, one element that stands out a bit more than these is property management software.

Los Angeles Property Management Get More Leads

Los Angeles Property Management have learned that over 75% of renters begin to search for a home online.

You have to create a systematic way that ensures all of your properties appear on a variety of websites, listing services and search engines.

With today’s software, it can automate the entire process and automatically post ads to the top Internet Listing Services, Craigslist, Facebook and other important marketing sites.


Los Angeles Property Management knows that the core of your marketing is in your website.

Today there are experienced designers that can help you with not only calls to action, but they can design elements that offer better options.

Feel free to look into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experts that can aid you in any of those aspects


Los Angeles Property Management knows that every prospect needs to be automatically fed into your lead stream, then follow procedures to get them as a potential renter.

There’s new software that lets you determine the return on investment of your marketing campaigns, this allows you to reallocate resources that are more cost effective.

Reducing Risk By Screening

Los Angeles Property Management knows that most managers recognized the huge advantage of online applicant screening services. But, they’re all created differently.

Propertyware screening has access to one of the largest online criminal and sex offender databases available.

It can tap into the only national rental payment history record, this is the best indicator of getting an idea whether someone will pay their rent on time.

Management Procedures

Los Angeles Property Management says that a good software can streamline and automate tasks that occupy a large part of your day.

Automating a process can save precious hours that can be devote towards more productive activities, like leasing or customer service.

Tenant and owner self service features are convenient, but the best part is that it saves you and your staff even more time.

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