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Los Angeles Property Management knows that good managers will always play a critical part in managing single family properties.

Today, there are plenty of advantages to being part of property management.

Los Angeles Property Management Have Portal Solutions

Los Angeles Property Management says, tenant portals let your tenants pay rent, submit a service request and even communicate with staff online.

It’s convenient for all parties involved.

You also have available built in letters, templates, notices and alerts that make communication very user friendly.


Los Angeles Property Management says that when it comes to accounting, it pays to use software that is designed specifically for rental property management.

It should feature fee management rules, cash/accrual accounting and other aspects of your business.

At the same time it can provide a clear audit trail, real time data and even ensure records for compliance.

More Than Daily Reports

Los Angeles Property Management knows that in addition to standard reports, you should be able to have access to custom reports with real time information.

This is needed for effective and profitable decision making.

The owners are able to get the information they need without placing a burden on anybody on staff.

You should have a reporting module that is able to extract information from every aspect of your business.

From vacancies, collections, maintenance, marketing.

You’ll be able to specify exactly what data you want to extract.

These reports help to ensure you’re running business correctly, and it alerts you to areas that may need attention.

The Right Format

Los Angeles Property Management knows that the best software features have customizable dashboards that let managers and owners view data that is of importance.

Information that is critical to their responsibilities should be arranged on one screen. The software will have options to make this available.

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