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Los Angeles Property Management knows that refinancing an investment property is an alternative when the ROI yield is low.

Potential saving can be done by checking up on the investment property refinance rates.

Los Angeles Property Management – Refinancing


1. Increase In Rental Income

Los Angeles Property Management knows that refinancing an investment property will increase the cash flow in a short amount of time.

This counts for remodels and updates to the property, that means repainting the exteriors and interiors, etc.

Although, it makes sense to strategically focus on short term returns.

Do consider refinancing for financial gain in ways that will benefit for the long term.

2. Refinance Rates

Los Angeles Property Management knows that investment property refinance rates are lower when considering a cash out option.

Cashing out indicates a positive and steady cash flow.

The further the yield is for ROI, it will manifest in a short periods.

You have to require the calculation of all costs, everything made upfront in refinancing has to be broken down for the savings each month.


1. Requirements Are Strict

Los Angeles Property Management says, the LTV or the amount of mortgage divided by the property value appraised, will reveal the amount of equity from your property.

With a high LTV ratio, lenders sometimes see it as a high risk investment.

That’s they give a higher interest rate.

When it comes to investment properties, lenders allow borrowers who have 75% LTV.

This is considered stricter compared to primary residences.

The requirements for LTV vary from lender to lender.

2. Interest Rates

Los Angeles Property Management says a high interest rate for investment properties are higher than primary homes.

Normally, interest rates for investment property loans are 0.5% more.

Refinancing an investment property is not a good financial move if the interest rate is higher.

These are essential factors when deciding to refinance.

Since an investment property is not your primary residence, there could be a difference when lenders evaluate these values.

Be sure to explore different lenders, be sure to identify their varying terms, conditions, and requirements.

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