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Los Angeles Property Management says, first month’s rent, security deposit and pet deposits have to be taken care of first once you’ve decided on a tenant.

Make sure to collect all deposits in one lump sum.

Moving expenses can be a big burden on new tenants, but when they donโ€™t have all of the necessary funds up front, this is a sign that the tenant will have future issues.

Los Angeles Property Management Go Through Leasing Agreement

Los Angeles Property Management says, when meeting with the tenant to accept their funds, this is a perfect time to go over the lease agreement with the tenant.

The meeting helps to make sure they are clear on all rules and standards.

Some properties may not want smoking in the unit, you may not add roommates without prior consent, this is where tenant screening comes into play.

If you plan on requiring electronic payments, and this is allowed in your state, let your tenant know immediately.

Making A Checklist

Los Angeles Property Management knows, that when the lease has been signed and the tenant has the keys in hand, take this time to walk them through the property prior to move in.

To get an idea for a checklist, there are loads of options online that you can just print.

The Welcome

Los Angeles Property Management say, once you’ve found a good candidate depending on the property management company, provide a small gift such as a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket of some kind.

You could look into a basket from the local discount store filled with things that people often need when moving into a new place.

Some things to provide are a couple of rolls of paper towels, toilet paper, water bottles and even a gift card to a local restaurant that is around the corner.

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