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Los Angeles Property Management says, no matter how well you screen potential applicants, some future tenants refuse to act reasonably once they’ve move in to the unit.

Even if the issue is for repairs, a rent increase or noise complaints that requires you to have a conversation, they often don’t want to listen.

Los Angeles Property Management Kill Them With Kindness

Los Angeles Property Management knows that bullying in not to be tolerated, nor should it be met in kind.

There are good ways to appropriately approach all tenant actions.

Common threats that tenants make have to be handled effectively, this helps to keep your reputation and integrity intact.

Common Threats Tenants Make

Twisting Laws

Los Angeles Property Management says, a commonly used and misused tool by angry tenants, is the law.

Property manager are often threatened by tenants who think they know the law, when at times they get their information by going online to outsources like Wikipedia.

Tenants often refer to a single sentence that they take out of context to defend themselves when they feel threatened, or if they feel they are being treated unfairly.

The best offense for anyone in this situation is to explain the law themselves or encourage the tenant to speak with an attorney who can better breakdown local landlord tenant laws.

Not Being Nice

Los Angeles Property Management says, there are oftentimes when having a disagreement with a tenant that you may hear them retaliate in some way.

This is where property manager have to remind tenants that they could put their own home at risk if they spread inaccurate information.

If anyone learns the tenant is spreading inaccurate information, the best thing to do here is to seek legal advice.

Depending on the tenants actions, if the tenant proceeds, it may be necessary to begin eviction proceedings.

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