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Los Angeles Property Management say, if you are responsible for collecting rent, you are also responsible for assessments for late fees when a tenant doesn’t pay rent on time.

Sometimes tenants say they are going to post something bad about you online because you’re charging them a late fee.

Los Angeles Property Management Damage Control

Los Angeles Property Management knows this is unfair, this is also one of the most damaging steps a tenant can take.

There is little you can do to stop the tenant from posting, but you can respond well.

First, respond professionally: as soon as you identify the post online, respond politely and forego pointing out that the tenant failed to pay rent on time.

When tenants continue to lash on social media, they should be reminded that he could face a defamation suit.

A known lawsuit, Bently Reserve L.P. v. Papaliolios, 2013 WL 3949029 (Cal. App. Ct. July 30, 2013), resulted with the tenant being found guilty of defamation.

Local Action

Los Angeles Property Management say, one of the most common tenant threats is them calling the city and filing a report.

Normally this happens when a rent increase occurs or when the tenant wants the landlord to pay for unapproved upgrades and repairs.

You should be professional and tell them to feel free to notify the city, especially if you know the unit is in no violation.

Tenants Taking Action

Los Angeles Property Management says, it is more helpful in the long run to advise them that if they decide to make a call to the city in retaliation, this could result in a loss of their credibility with the city.

When dealing with tenants, it very important that you keep an accurate record of any threats a tenant has made.

Be sure to keep a detailed log of dates, times and information.

This helps to inform the property owner of any issues happening with the property.

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