“As a Realtor in Los Angeles I have a several income property clients that employ professional management across greater L.A. TGN and Shane did a great job at handling all the properties.

I understand TGN manages properties from single family residences, condos, 2 – 4 units, 5 – 15 units and 16+ unit buildings with on site managers. Shane also mentioned he handles a few HOA communities, though I am not 100% certain.

Shane uses Appfolio which is a top of the line property management software. Everything is on the cutting edge of technology and extremely easy and efficient to use. I can access all of the owner statements from my smart phone. No more printing and wasting paper either, which I like, and is environmentally friendly.

If you want hassle free, to the point, honesty, integrity and responsibility with experience and expertise, I wouldn’t point you anywhere else.”

– Glen S.,
Los Feliz, CA

“TGN has been managing property for many years, but they have also been involved in flipping and selling properties as well as construction and development projects. The best part about TGN is handymen can’t rip them off, meaning, I don’t get ripped off on maintenance and repairs at my rental properties. TGN knows how much material and labor costs for any type of house repair you will ever need. Never over pay for materials and labor again!”

– Miguel L.,
Alhambra, CA

“The #1 qualification every property owner should require their property manager to have is INTEGRITY. TGN has the experience to ensure your property stays profitable and the integrity to be trusted with your money.”

-Sam W.
Los Angeles, CA

“Being able to trust people is a big task for me, but when I first met with Shane I could tell he was a straight shooter and was brutally honest about EVERYTHING. Its good to have transparency.”

-Ryan, N.
Huntington Beach, CA

“TGN has become my go to source for all my real estate related questions in regards to property management, investing long term, flipping houses, construction or whatever it may be, the guys at TGN have an answer for your question or know someone who can answer it!”

-Robert C.
Burbank, CA

“Shane manages my vacation rental property and he absolutely rocks! Not only is he smart, honest and trustworthy but guests love him! He handles check-ins and outs, coordinates cleaning crews and maintenance and makes my life as a property owner hassle free!”

-Morgan L.
Eagle Rock, CA

“I had 17 guests stay at my house via AirBnB and VRBO in a ONE MONTH PERIOD. To say the least it was crazy! Shane efficiently handled every guest checking in/out and somehow managed to get the sheets, towels, pillow cases and living areas cleaned and ready to go for the next guest checking in! I couldn’t imagine doing this myself!”

-Yanni P.
Los Angeles, CA

“Shane manages our 53 unit HOA complex. We have a divided group of owners who are always quarreling over some issue. One side is always battling the other! Shane was hired to be a property manager (of which he completes his responsibilities very efficiently) but has become more a counselor, liaison and voice of reason for us all! It makes me laugh when I think where we used to be versus where we are now. The battling has ended and things are working out MUCH more smoothly. Shane has a great way of dealing firmly with tough people but in a way that no one gets offended. Extraordinary work!”

-Vrginia G.
Torrance, CA

I am the acquisitions manager of a investment firm here in Southern California. My duties are to acquire investment properties that have an ROI of at least 6%. My company purchased an apartment complex in Los Angeles with around 80 units. Of course I immediately sought after a trusted property manager. The realtor that helped us acquire the complex recommended TGN Property Management. I met with Shane and his field operations manager and was pleased with their knowledge, experience and the long list of references they were able to provide. We are in the process of removing our current property managers (who we were never very happy with) so TGN can take over our whole portfolio.

-Cameron D.
Los Angeles, CA

I was sick and tired of the absurd tenant landlord laws in California, not to mention the circus act in the unlawful detainer courts. I decided to AirBNB my house out but didn’t want to deal with the high turnover rate. I hired TGN to handle all aspects of the vacation rental: pictures and video for the listing, managing the listing, managing guest inquiries, checking guests in and out, facilitating cleaning crews, dealing with maintenance requests and handle all accounting and maintenance records. I couldn’t imagine doing this by myself nor do I even know how to! I am very pleased with TGN and don’t intend on ever having a normal tenancy in my rental again!

-Kristina H.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA