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Los Angeles Property Management knows, something that’s often overlooked by landlords, property managers, and HOAs is that there are good residents.

They’re the ones who are more than likely to stick around long term.

Los Angeles Property Management – Gifts

Los Angeles Property Management says, keeping people happy doesn’t need to cost a lot.

You don’t necessarily need to make a huge gesture to show your appreciation for your residents.

Something simple as a handwritten note says how much you enjoy having them as a part of your community.

Resident Appreciation Ideas:


Los Angeles Property Management says, well placed LED lights brings in the holiday spirit.

You don’t have to do anything to fancy, keep it simple by putting flameless candles in the windows.

You could also create an over the top display on the lawn of your property.

Most places have an understated look that appeals to all residents, including prospective residents looking at units during the holidays.

Tasty Treats

Los Angeles Property Management shares, what you could for for one weekend every December is bake some cookies for your tenants.

Some places spend hours baking cookies, candies, and other decorative treats.

You could put them in nice boxes or tins to package the goodies.

You can then deliver a set to each resident with a card thanking them for great year.

Depending on your property, you could order a pie for each tenant, or to leave holiday dish in the common area for everyone to enjoy.

Small Gifts

Los Angeles Property Management knows, most residents never expect a gift from their landlord, property manager, or even HOA.

Doing this makes the gesture that much more effective.

A good gift would be a $15 gift certificate to the neighborhood grocery store or retailer.

If tenants like to grab coffee every morning on their way to work, a Starbucks gift card could work.

If a tenant has a newborn baby, a $20 gift card to Babies-R-Us would be a good gift to give.

Make sure to keep the gift small and simple, be sure to add a note and thank them for being great residents and neighbors.

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