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Los Angeles Property Management knows, real estate is normally slows during the winter time.

Children are back at school for a short time and people may have even started a new job.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the end of the year celebrations, most people aren’t eager to pack up or move until at least the New Year has passed.

Even then, it’s hard at times to find a great tenant.

Tip: #1

Los Angeles Property Management Complete Online Listings

Los Angeles Property Management say, when looking at listings make sure to include a lot of pertinent information about the property.

Be sure that utilities are included, and if there’s an on site parking.

Prospects shouldn’t have to track down information, especially if you’re looking to lease during the off season.

Tip: #2

Marketing The Unit

Los Angeles Property Management say, it’s easier to rent 1 or 2 bedroom units, instead of 3 bedroom units.

Sometimes property managers will hide the fact that a 3 bedroom unit will have small bedrooms.

Certain advertisements will market a 3 bedroom as a 2 bedroom plus an office, this is to offset the size of all the rooms.

The price should be reasonable for a 2 bedroom, so this strategy helps to capture those looking for a 2 bedroom unit.

Some might be interested by having the third bedroom as an office, nursery, or any type of room they would like.

Tip: #3

Hosting Open Houses

Los Angeles Property Management know, that people are very busy.

If you want to lease an apartment fast, consider an open house.

You could try two open houses, one on a weekend day, and one on a weeknight.

This gives prospects an opportunity to tour the unit without having to travel to the property.

Most think open houses are only worthwhile when you’re selling your own home, renters like the convenience of open houses.

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