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Los Angeles Property Management says, the holiday season is a time to bring out the best out of all of us.

Although, at times it can increase stress, short tempers, and the occasional rude behavior.

Los Angeles Property Management Rules For The Property

Los Angeles Property Management often post lists of rules around this time of year.

Sometimes, renters perceive them as unreasonable, inconsiderate or demanding.

Property managers desire sensible safety precautions, and a lot of the times renters just live by their own rules.

Setting Holiday Policies

Los Angeles Property Management says, you should meet with your tenants to discuss holiday safety precautions.

Take this time to explain to them the reasons behind any special rules during the holiday season.

If they aren’t able to meet, make sure they get it in writing early in December.

The notice should be clear of where and to whom to ask questions and where to put in for a request.

Excessive Noise

Los Angeles Property Management says, parties during the holiday season are inevitable.

Be sure to remind your residents to be considerate of all neighbors.

All properties respect a noise ordinance.

If the rules state that parties must conclude by a certain time, the party givers should follow the rules.

There are exceptions, such as New Year’s Eve celebrations, make sure you inform all residents about it in advance.

Parking Rules

Los Angeles Property Management knows, most rental properties parking space is at a premium at times.

A nice reminder should be sent to the residents to their guests can park.

Be sure to note that friends are not to infringe on the rights of other residents.

Illegally parked vehicles will be towed, if it comes to that situation.

Be firm, but not threatening.

Guest Responsibility

Los Angeles Property Management says, remind all residents that they are responsible for the actions, as well as their guests.

Be encouraging, but have their guests use taxies or other transportation if they’ve been drinking excessively.

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